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"Lava Land" Review from Come Here Floyd

Recorded partially in a barn in the Hudson Valley, NY and partially in bedrooms and closets in Brooklyn, ‘Weight Off’ is the second single off of “Lava Land,” the third record from The Motor Tom. The Motor Tom is a NYC 4-piece, and they are a group of humans who record their own records. Nick Schupak said: “The storytelling became a lot tidier when we decided to break things down into smaller pieces. Each EP has its own color, its own atmosphere. ‘Lava Land’ is red, and dangerous. The next one will be violet and sensual.”


When you listen to this single ("Weight Off"), you feel you’re just out on the middle of the Sahara desert, and you scream out your grievances to the setting orange sun over the horizon. Relieving and satisfactory, in decadence – the pot marked and riddled world, melts away. Added Nick: “Many of our songs have rather scrupulously written and edited lyrics steeped in metaphor. Not this one. This is just a song about a boy who isn’t crazy about himself but is totally crazy about a girl.” Word.

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